NASTY WOMEN Memphis | WAR Paint!

Danielle Sumler

NWM Virtual Exhibition & Art Sale

As you may know, our exhibition Nasty Women Memphis: War Paint was scheduled to open at Crosstown Arts this evening. Because that was unable to occur in our post Covid-19 world, we are excited to announce that Nasty Women Memphis is going virtual!!

We will be hosting an online exhibition and art sale in the month of October!
If you are an artist who wants to participate, submit a high-resolution image of your piece by September 15!

75 Acts White People Can Do for Racial Justice

Actions Steps for Racial Justice

As feminists, we strive for the rights for womxn. As intersectional feminists, we know our work means nothing if we do not fight for our black and indigenous womxn of color. Use the attached resource as a guide to make change happen.

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